Brief List of Recent Projects

Innovative Systems Integration Firm

Advised on, sold, and configured, secure wireless network for dual platform system, multiple Apple Macintosh and IBM laptops utilizing encrypted infrastruture. Added Firewire and High-Speed USB disk drive and CD-ROM backup devices.

Regional Petroleum Distributor

Upgraded multi-user QuickBooks office accounting system. Configured Outlook and internet eMail. Troubleshooted failed server, and recovered data with backup system.

National Packaging Manufacturer

Repaired an older, failed Apple Macintosh production design system. Advised on and implemented improved replacement workstation. Configured legacy CAD with soft FPU, plotter and file transfer system.

Satellite and Cellular Phone Distributor

Eradicated extensive office network virus problem. Repaired workstations. Implemented wireless broadband network. Assisted with redesign of company website. Relocated office - moved both voice and data, all wiring and applications and databases.

Residential House Call

Advised on selected issues and consulted on alternatives. Reviewed options and costs. Provided training for improved usage of system and applications.

Health Spa and Hair Salon and Non-Profit

Enabled broadband internet and implemented secure router. Wired office network. Optimized backup system for acounting, scheduling, and accounting system with Zip drive installation. Moved Vodavi phone extension and rewired cross-connect for new office location.

Small Startup Firm - Cisco Router Setup

Replaced WIC 10Base-T card and reimaged Cisco IOS to supported release of 11.xx via TFTP. Experiemented and benchmarked direct connect modem and ethernet techniques. Created subnets with CiscoWorks Configuration Software. Tested password recreation. Rebuilt system from scratch based on approved configuration.

Creative Design Student

Troubleshooted system and determined problem with software and hardware. Replaced internal CD-ROM in iMac and upgraded to 9.1 OS.

Internet Research Company - Macintosh Network

Troubleshooted network failure - tested and verified all lines. Implemented iMac on shared dialup. Installed and optimized applications for digitizing images utilizing scanner and camera. Consulted on OS X - Jaguar 10.2 upgrade for Dual G4 Production System.

Collection Agency - Novell Small Business Server and Computer Associates Accounting Network

Recovered crashed server and rebuilt system from scratch. Advised on backup technology. Implementing mirror system for fault tolerance.

Local Printing Firm - Windows 2000 Server and Macintosh Network and Heidelburg Press

Enabled network connectivity - configured Macintosh share point for "direct to plate" software/hardware system. Implemented redundant mirror system for server. Enabled DSL connectivty with router and NAT technology.

Small Condo SOHO DSL Project

Ongoing support for "older" computer newcomer. Enabling Windows XP with EarthLink DSL. Streamlining Outlook Express for e-mail, and other various application issues.

Multiple Company - Fourteen (14) Node Network and Server

Wired office with CAT-5 cabling through drop ceiling. Installed additional CAT-3 wiring for three (3) new phone extensions. Assembled, configured, break tested, and installed a triple fault tolerant Network File Server with mirrored IDE Windows 2000 Server Operating System Drives and a SCSI RAID 5 - Program and Data SHARED Drive. Automated system backups and consulted on future connectivity for remote locations. Planning to implement automated data transfer from multiple locations and consolidate in central database.

Small Business - Two (2) Node Network - W32.Magistr.Corrupt Virus

Successfull recovery of data and operation of primary computer system from debilitating computer system virus. Please call or e-mail for details.

Small Business Web Site Prototype

Using ASP and Microsoft Access, successfully built and demonstrated a web site with data entry and report forms that enabled the addition and listing of customer contact information via any system accessible connected to the web. Please call or e-mail for details.

ISP - Internet Service Provider
Windows 2000 Advanced Server / Exchange Enterprise Mail Server

Advised on, and troubleshooted major system failure - recovered mirror drive failure.

Single Building - Two Company Networks - Secure High Speed Cable Modem Internet Access

Advised, proposed, sold, installed and configured a WatchGuard SOHO Firewall as the entry/exit point for two (2) separate Macintosh Networks. Enabled a couple of Windows 95 and 98 PC's with an AirPort Base Station 11MB/Sec Wireless Network linked with other Macs on a BayNetwork Hub.

Small Title Insurance Office Network

Installed and configured a peer to peer Windows 98 Network with dialup proxy server along with proprietary title insurance software for a small start-up firm. Later added DSL Broadband with secure firewall and NAT Router with additional workstations. Advised on performance optimization.

Web Site Upgrade and Database Migration

Worked as an independent contractor on a project part-time for a government agency, having built a Microsoft Web Server and NT Based Oracle 8.15 Database Server, and migrated an Access Database of six (6) tables of 530,000 records each over to Oracle, and converted the ODBC Code based on ASP/JavaScript, to now use OO4O (Oracle Objects for OLE) - directly connecting to the OCI (Oracle Call Interface (API)) on the Database Server. Functional and load testing results have shown improvements of the three-tier platform performance by well over 400% than the Access based single server configuration.

Linux Firewall

Configured, tested, and put into production a simple Linux based NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall solution for a large engineering firm as a subcontractor for CSA. (Computer Support Associates of Garfield Heights)

Small Public Relations Office Network

Resolved troubled network connectivity support issue. Assessed the configuration, advised on the options, and implemented the solution of enabling existing hardware. Worked as a subcontractor for a public relations firm client. Later resolved virus corruption and restored QucikBooks functionality

Local Government Agency - Large Scale Imaging Project

Provided technical leadership in optimizing speed of connectivity through the use of high-speed switching technology and SCSI CD-ROM Towers. Performed detailed auditing of ongoing image conversion process and sampled image quality through statistical analysis. Produced production ready documentation for client process turnover.

Network Assessment and Video Streaming Implementation

Conducted interviews, gathered information, and delivered report on current network status. Assisted with the security assessment, and then recommended specific upgrades eventually implementing video streaming technology through InterVu - an ASP ((Application Service Provider) since acquired by Akami) for outsourcing the hosted Streaming Windows Media Content.

Lotus Notes Admin for HR Department of Fortune 500 Distributor

Provided Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server administration assistance and advisement to Lotus Notes contractor and implemented database replication between multiple systems, after recovering from a mirrored drive failure. Optimized system performance and security settings and auditing logs for management.

Process Automation for Nationwide NT 4.0 Server Network

Designed, tested, and implemented nightly backups for over 70 NT 4.0 Servers around the country with exception reporting through morning e-mails which were consolidated and parsed for inclusion with the daily network health reports for the client - Pioneer Standard Electronics, while working on a long-term project for the IT consulting firm - Keane, Inc. For excellence in providing quality of service, "Rich has done an outstanding job of supporting our NT Networks", received nationwide recognition in the form of a "K" Pin and certificate.

Manufacturer and Distribution Firm Network

Wired and enabled network communication for multiple office and workstation locations.

Sales Force Automation Project

Configured over 12 laptop computers with contact management software and remote access to the corporate AS/400 Database. Trained users and provided support.

Large Local Greenhouse - Automated Computerized Control and Long-Term Operational Assistance

Advised on, sold, configured, and implemented multiple custom whitebox workstations. Extensive system troubleshooting and application work for business and automated control system.

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